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Hello, I’m Jacob. This is going to be my very first blog, my first blog post, and the beginning of an important journey in my life.

I should start out by telling you how this came to be.. I am feeling overwhelmed with the way things are for me currently. I am not exactly happy with my situation right now, and I’m looking to fix that. The best way I know to do that is by sharing my journey, and hoping for support from you guys!

There are thousands of blogs to check out on this site and others, so I’m sure you’re wondering, why should I bother reading and following your blog, Jacob? What makes you so special?

Nothing. And that’s the reason I have.

I would not consider myself exceptional at any one area. I’m a student in accounting, a part-time employee working my way through college with my fiance. I am a hard working guy, but I slip up sometimes. My biggest weakness: My health.

Recently, I attempted to reach out to MyFitnessPal to begin my journey, and I joined their community. I was doing well for a month or so, which you’ll discover in future posts, and one of my friends on MFP suggested I start a blog, so people can follow my journey and hopefully get behind and be inspired by my journey.

I started out as a 6’0″ male weighing 326 pounds. I worked my way down to 299.6, and I stopped. I am hovering around 300-305 now, not gaining much of my weight back, but my progress has come to a halt.

The purpose of my blog is just that.. I’m ready to continue my journey, and explore even more platforms to keep myself ahead, motivated, and healthy. For the sake of my friends, family, and to prove to myself that I’m not a piece of shit.

Thanks for reading my introduction, and I’m excited to get started with telling my story!



  1. I want to say WELCOME to the fabulous world of blogging. What you are doing, sharing your journey, takes a lot of courage, and you should be proud of yourself for taking such a big step. From reading this first post of yours, I think you’re really going to love blogging. It was a great first post. I loved the honesty.
    We bloggers are one big happy family. We don’t really compete with each other, on the contrary. I think you’ll find everyone very supportive and encouraging of one another. My best tips for you:
    1) follow other bloggers. Not everyone will follow back, but many will.
    2) comment/like on other blogs (like you did with mine) Bloggers LOVE comments and likes. It helps them and it gets you noticed.
    3) reblog other people’s posts. It helps you with blog content/get noticed and it helps them gain exposure. It’s a win win.
    4) Once in a while you’ll see the really big bloggers do a MEET AND GREET weekend. Take part in these. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get noticed and meet other bloggers
    5) Be consistent – try to blog on a regular schedule so people know when to expect your blogs.
    6) my final tip, and one I just started doing myself is join some blogging groups on Facebook. You’ll find great tips and opportunities to “advertise” your blog and give it some exposure.
    I hope this helps a little. Just some things I’ve picked up along the way, as well as advice I’ve received from other people. Good luck! I look forward to reading about your journey!

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  2. Welcome to blogging Jacob.

    Can we get one thing straight – you are NOT a piece of shit!

    “Think it, do it!” => Keep your thoughts (and self-assessments) positive. Celebrate the good and the wins that you are achieving every day, and stop focusing on the bummer stuff.

    As someone who is a lot further along the road in the journey of life, and I already have one foot in the grave (actually, physically, my right foot is somewhere other than attached to me!) – let me point out something that may not rate high enough in your daily agenda – you only have your health once, cherish it and look after it!!!!! You can’t give it away and then buy it back later!

    I spent years putting my job first, my various partners first, my friend’s needs and requests, and if there was any time left over, I might think of doing something for myself. Sadly, my choices were more comforting than healthy.

    I made bad choices with the women in my life I guess, as I have divorce #4 coming up in October. I invested a lot of time in each partner, and ultimately the relationships dissolved. I gave my heart and soul for my job, and became retrenched after 23.5 years. My 16 hour days and carrying a pager/mobile phone to be on call 24×7 for years all dissolved into nothingness. Years and years of putting my health well down the list of priorities put me in a situation where I was on fistfuls of pharmacy products to manage (not correct) my ever worsening health.

    There were always a heaps of things that I needed to do for everyone else before I got to think about doing things to keep myself healthy. The folk around you will see what sort of person you are and they will figure out what your priorities are. If they have always been able to interrupt your plans and schedules, they will continue to expect that they can. You need to make your own health your priority, AND you need to push back on the folk who try to dismiss you having that as a priority!

    Suggestions for you:

    * Consider EVERYTHING that you put in your mouth. Body weight is 80% to do with what you put in your mouth. If it is calorie dense foods, drinks or just plain rubbish, moderation is key!

    * Your body WILL appreciate you getting 1/2 hour of elevated heart rate exercise in every day. (My resting heart rate is down from 89bpm in September, 2016 to the low 60’s within 8 months of starting my journey, and the major drop started when I commenced exercising every day. I started doing more and more, but realised that I needed to make the exercise something that I would be prepared to do every day. (My Apple Watch keeps me honest on this one).

    * Look after yourself, and celebrate often (with nothing more than some quality time together and iced water!) your beautiful lady! If she is a gamer, maybe run through some game with her for 1/2 hour. Smile often and find things to laugh at together! Spend time just enjoying each other!!!


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