Fitbit and More: How Do Tools Help Us Lose Weight?

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My first real burst of weightloss came in the beginning of this year. I was absolutely serious about making a positive change in my life. I was breaking past 325 lbs, and the scale was screaming for me to “GET OFF” by then. I was through with it, so I did what I had to to keep myself motivated: I invested in my health.

I purchased a few things this year that are supposed to help out with health and fitness: A gym membership, a Fitbit, and a bicycle. What did these tool cost me?

Fitbit: $180 ( I got the Blaze, cause it looks more watch-like)

Bicycle: $350 (high end, forgot the brand name, but I got it from a friend, originally $700)

Gym membership: $30/month

So which of these products are worth it, and what are not?

It all depends on your stage of healthy living, where you have been in the past, what your goals are now, and how much you want to make a change in your life. I’ll break down these purchases one at a time and you can tell me if you think they are worth it. I will say right now that I don’t regret any purchase when it comes to my health.

Fitbit: I saw an open-box Fitbit at my place of work one day, which makes it 10% off. Paired with my 10% employee discount, I got a pretty good deal for this watch-like gadget. I must say that I have never owned something like this, and as a lover of tech, I wanted something kind of like a smart watch. Since I am so invested in my health, I figured this would be a great time to buy something like this. So I did. One for me and my fiance even.

I use my Fitbit every day, as both a fitness tracker and a watch. This thing does so much that I find fascinating. It tracks my stages of sleep, it tracks steps, stairs, distance, calories, heart rate. Plus it tells time, connects with my phone via Bluetooth for messages, emails, incoming calls (Still have to use the phone, this is just for notifications), has a timer, stopwatch, and many other features. One of the coolest things is the small vibration reminder when I have been sedentary for an hour, so I have to get up and move!

I do ask some people about their experience with Fitbit, and I have come to find that people with better health habits do not get as much out of the trackers as us beginners do. See, people like me really need to see our results, and see how we stack up compared to ourselves (And even friends. I’m competitive sometimes!).

I absolutely recommend a Fitbit or some other kind of fitness tracker for someone who is starting out. If only for the movement reminders, this thing has payed for itself a few times over in just the few months I have been using it!


Bicycle: Okay, I live in the great state of Oregon, and one thing about my state is the availability of trails: for biking, hiking and even horseback. I love this state, and I regret not utilizing these resources more. One thing I know for sure: having a bike in Oregon is like being human and needing oxygen. There is so many different uses for a bicycle, even though I own a car. I do not regret this purchase at all, even though I haven’t completely payed for it yet… (Sorry Elijah!).


Gym Membership: This one is an ongoing payment, so there has to be a lot of work involved with getting the mileage out of this investment. The way I see it, with a $30 payment, if I go to the gym once in a month, I am paying $30 per visit. If I go twice, it is $15 per visit. Three times: $10 per visit; you get the point!

This installment is worth it to me because if I do not use it, I am throwing my money away. It is not something I own, and can use when I want it. I have to keep paying and actually go in order to benefit from it as a tool. I absolutely recommend a gym membership if you plan on using it. Try to pick one that is 24 hours, and close enough to home that you can walk or bike there. The less excuses you can come up with, the better!


So that’s just a few tools I have used to try and get myself more healthy. One more important thing is for a good support system, with plenty of motivation. That is one of the main goals of my blog: To finally keep myself on track, while reaching out to my followers (I think I have 12 now, wooo hooo!).

What sort of resources have you used to help keep you on track? What do you think about my analysis?

Please follow me and see my progress through my journey! I will be posting weekly journals to showcase my progress, as well as these little articles!




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