#Rant – Why Inconsistent Scheduling at Work is Ruining My Life

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Hey guys!

So something has been bothering me quite a bit lately, and I feel like if I can’t type out my feelings into a rant on my blog, then I can’t ever get it out.

Okay, so there are good jobs out there, and there are bad jobs. Part time, Full time, self employed, skilled and non-skilled, and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

While I would love to complain about the bureaucracy of a huge company, and how some rules make little sense and companies seldom think about their employees anymore, I will save that for my next rant. Today, I want to talk about how retail, food service and many other long-hour jobs can really drain a person: That is with inconsistent schedules!

To give you a rough idea of what I’m going through, here is a picture of my schedule for three weeks:


Yeah, horrible, I know.

The hours

The start times

the shift lengths


And I feel like I have it pretty good compared to some of the other people I work with. Luckily I am able to get a pretty good amount of hours per week with my semi restricted schedule (Can’t work Tues/Thurs for school, and it’s 3am-4pm on every other day)

So my schedule is just an example, while there are others who have horrible schedules, fight for hours, have to close one day and open the next..

To me, the absolute most important asset a company can have are the workers. I do not understand how companies can lose sight of their employees, who are the face of their stores, and the ones who interact daily with the customers that are giving them revenue.

Now, I personally don’t have much against the company I work for per se, but some of the newer managers can sure make things stressful at work.


Ideally, I would love to have those typical 9-5 jobs where I can go to bed at the same time, have the same two days off every work, and predict exactly when I’ll have to be working. I could go to the gym routinely in the morning, I can go for runs, I can plan a weekend.

I am excited for the future, when my education pays off, but for now.. this is what I have to deal with!

One thing is for sure, I am truly motivated to do well in school to avoid working on the bottom level of these massive corporations. I would much rather work for a smaller company, or open a business of my own.


Okay, enough ranting for me. Next post will actually be about fitness again… Thanks for listening!




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  1. Agree! Sad thing is that so many management folk these days have the mindset that staff are “just” heads. If one head is not up to scratch with whatever the latest plans are, then wheel that head out and wheel another head in! VERY little to do with staff being one of the most important resources in running a business these days it seems. Needs to be an exceptional company if there is any real regard given to the people who represent it!!!

    Keep this in mind when you get to run that multi-national corporate juggernaut in your future!!!

    Mike (5n00py on MFP)

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