Open Letter to the Self-Conscious Who Are Trying to Change Their Body for the Better: Overweight, Obese or Thin

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Dear person at the gym with their headphones in, avoiding eye contact with everyone else because of fear of judgement,

Dear person on the treadmill, face beat red, running his ass off even though you’re the biggest person at the gym,

Dear skinny guy, struggling to lift the 10lb dumbbells,


I see you at the gym, I see you running along the sidewalk, I see you struggling while people look at you, laughing, scoffing, making fun of you, thinking “why bother?” I see your efforts, your pain, your suffering. I know what’s going through your head. You push ever harder, thinking that just a few more minutes, just a few more reps, and some louder music is all you need to tune these people out.

You want to change.

You want to improve yourself.

The looks you get are not limited to the gym; you get them all the time, from family, co-workers, while shopping, while walking to the mailbox..

The eyes of judgement are inescapable, and all you want to do is work on yourself without fear of being judged.


I face the same issue. I see the stares, I see the laughs, and I see the pedestrians taunting me through the gym window, since gyms decide that treadmills needs to be right in front of the windows…

I also see your determination. I see your will to improve.

I am here to tell you that I’m on your side. I’m quietly rooting for you. I want to see you succeed, to achieve your goals, and become your ideal you. You want to reach out to someone to feel like you’re not alone in your journey, I want to tell you that I’m right there with you.

I want to push you, I want to help you.

Together is how we are going to get this done.

Together is how we are going to get past the judgmental assholes.

You and me.

We got this.

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See last week’s progress report here.


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  1. This is super inspiring and so relate-able, Jacob! I wish that judgement was not so socially acceptable. Making big changes like weight-loss and creating healthy habits is so challenging, but also so worth-it. Never give up and know that you got this!!!

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