The 7 Day “No Junk Food” Challenge – Intro

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Hey guys,

So I have been thinking of something new to do, something that people can join in on, and share in their success along with me. I wanted it to be something small, but something that can certainly be done by everyone. This doesn’t require any special materials or equipment: Just willpower.

My challenge to myself and all of you, is the 7 Day No Junk Food Challenge!

How does it work, you ask?

Simple. No junk food.

“But Jacob, what do you consider junk food?”

Here’s my list. Just avoid these products and you win:


-Soda (including energy drinks)


-Cakes, Muffins or doughnuts


-Ice Cream

-White Bread

-Fast Food 

-Milk Chocolate (high cocoa dark chocolate okay)


It is going to take a lot of willpower for me, for sure. I love soda, I love chips, and I love ice cream. Who doesn’t? The worst part is, I still have a lot of this stuff in my house, so it is especially a case of willpower with me.

I will be sharing my progress every day of the 7 days, including tips and tricks that I’ve employed to stay on track.

I would love to hear if any of you are going to do the challenge with me, so comment here (Or Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, wherever you see this post).

Also, I was thinking about doing a series on wellness on a budget. What do you think?

Thanks for your support!





  1. Not sure if I will be cheating on such a challenge as I have eliminated all of these sorts of things out of my home.
    I tried to be good throughout the first 3/4 of 2016 and only allow myself small helpings of such foods. I failed so miserably. Seems that as soon as I had a taste of something salty, sweet or fat-laden, I could not stop myself from going back for seconds and then thirds….. and more until the whole packet was gone.
    Ultimately, my lack of willpower once a packet of something was opened meant that my weight-loss and getting healthy attempts for the first 9 months of 2016 were fruitless.
    By removing the “tempters” and replacing them with real foods, my choices got so much better.
    When I felt the absolute urge for something sweet and waiting 1/2 hour and having a couple of glasses of water didn’t curb my wanting – I’ve give in and have an apple!
    Similarly for something fatty or savoury – one slice of lower carb, higher protein multi grain and seed bread with 100% peanuts only peanut butter.
    Most interested in your other ideas too. The wellness on a budget would be a goodie!
    Mike (5n00py on MFP)

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    1. Great insight as usual Mike! I know exactly what you mean. I have the same kinds of urges with soda and (believe it or not) mustard. I have a very strong liking for tart foods. Pickles, fruit juice, lemonade, energy drinks.. you name it! Oh, salt and vinegar chips and Taki’s..


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