The chips remained in the cabinet. The Tillamook ice cream still in the freezer. Cookies and cakes and sweets alike all untouched in my house. Not a single energy drink was purchased this day..

Day 1 of the “No Junk Food” challenge is officially a success. Honestly, a single day without the junk is not really a big deal to me. Some of you may find yourself crossing a huge milestone by avoiding hostess snack cakes, bugles, and that 50-pack of chocolate chip cookies that stare you in the face in the bakery section…

I want to congratulate every one of you that decided to join me, and completed their first day along with me!

So what are some things that I did instead?

I opted for smaller, better choices.

String Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Triscuits (Less than 1g of sugar and 100% whole wheat!)

Fresh Fruit (Grapes were on sale for $0.77/lb at work. SCORE!)

I want to know what kinds of foods you all are using to help curb your addiction for the oh so addiction sweet and salty snacks?

Also, beverages. That’s a hard one for me. What are you doing about those?



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