Day 2 and 3 – The 7 Day “No Junk Food” Challenge

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Hey guys,

So I decided that posting about this challenge every single day could get annoying for my readers, so I decided to chunk it into bigger pieces, unless something significant happens.

I am pleased to report that I am still 100% junk food free through my third day!

I have been indulging in a bit more cooking. Breakfast is my favorite, and it is a great way to keep me energized through working and going to school.

Like I said in a previous post, my biggest struggle is beverages. I love soda, and I love energy drinks. I have been able to avoid them for the last few days, opting for coffee and water instead. I must say that I feel no different, which is a good thing! It is my way of telling my own body that I don’t really need energy drinks to get me through a long work day.

I’m pretty sure only two people have joined the challenge (shout out to Sarah and Codey). If anyone else joined and didn’t speak up, let me know! I’m excited to share successes with all of you!


Weekly progress update coming tomorrow, so stick around!




  1. Congrats on the successes so far Jacob!

    I was sort of going to join you in the challenge, but pondered if I were cheating as I have none of that stuff in my house……… HOWEVER, I have actually failed the challenge!

    The reason I failed?

    I went into hospital on Monday for a minor op and was kept in overnight. As I was just a public patient, I got whatever the system provided, and that included the rubbish “food” that is served up!

    Monday was sort of easy to start as I was fasting from midnight. The op was delayed and I ended up being wheeled to the ward I would be in overnight at about 3PM. I was finally presented with some “food” just before 5PM. 5 corners of sandwiches. Mostly on white bread, and the fillings were assembled for taste rather than nourishment. eg. Gherkin relish and cheese, salty egg and lettuce….

    My “dinner” eventually found its way to me when they came to collect my empty dinner tray and found it hadn’t been delivered yet. This meal was another set of sandwiches cloned from the first set, a bowl of salty soup of some sort, some green jelly, a scoop of ice cream and a coffee.

    Breakfast the next morning was equally as stellar!

    2 pieces of insipid white toast, with packets of margarine, Vegemite, jam to smear on the already squishy white dough. Another coffee, 2 weetbix and some warm milk. Just before I got to leave, morning tea was served and I was presented with another coffee, another 2 corners of the same sandwiches, and a piece of chocolate cake.

    As soon as I got home I made a green smoothie with lots of kale, spinach, a couple of dates, celery, and frozen banana!

    It concerns me that so much rubbish is served at places that are charged with looking after the health of the public!

    May you always make much wiser choices for yourself!

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      1. It seems the dollar spend on “food” that is available for the public comes before the determination of whether it is healthy or not!

        I truly think that if the default choices are so hard to make healthy and get right, it is always going to be a real struggle for us ordinary folk to shop healthy and eat healthy!

        It’s hard enough in the supermarkets where healthy products are dropped from the range if they don’t generate enough revenue to warrant their shelf spaces, but when the medico’s kitchens are motivated by the bottom line ahead of the health benefits of the foods they will be serving, there is a serious problem!!

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