Week 2 Progress Report and Log (May 29 – June 4)

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Alright guys, here’s my week 2 progress!!!

Weight: 299.2 lbs. (-1.4 lbs.)

Waist: 54″ (No change)


So I think it would be fun to post my first picture every now and then, in a format like this, where I show my earliest picture, a middle picture, and the latest picture. I’m trying to keep it mostly the same pose, but that’s a challenge!

Since I’m doing the three photo thing, and I only have three photos, that’s what’s here. There obviously won’t be a huge amount of change on these photos, but as I keep going with my progress, the change will be more obvious.

Do you think it would be better if I just wore the same shirt, and went down in size a bit earlier than I’m ready? (To keep it tight)


..Anyway, here’s the stats for the week!

06-07-17 Fitbit Data

Unfortunately, the only thing that has been improved is the average restful sleep. I am obviously not sleeping as much as I should, but it is a small improvement over the previous week.

I am excited about my current progress this week, which will blow these stats out of the water.

Cutting out the junk food is a slow process as well, and the results will not show right away, but I already feel better about my choices.

I am not one to get discouraged from a bad week, so I am nothing but motivated to make an improvement over the next week!

Thanks for reading guys, and thanks for being part of my journey!





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