The 7 Day “No Junk Food” Challenge – Results!

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Hey guys,

So it has been quite the week for me, completely avoiding junk food for an entire week (I think it is 8 days now, so I win right?).

I have avoided my greatest enemy thus far, and hopefully for the entirety of the future: Energy Drinks.

That’s right. I love Rock Star, and especially Red Bull.

I doubt they even have the energy effect on me anymore. I just love the taste. The tart sweet taste, and the psychological thought that they give me the energy to get through a tough day of work, or finals week.

Well no longer.

Coffee and I are really good friends, and I feel that it is just as effective, if not more.

Mostly black, about a tablespoon of creamer.

$5.99 for about a month’s supply of ground coffee (I do the cheap stuff. I’m in college). $2 for a bottle of creamer that I go through quite slowly.

Total of $7.99 for a month’s supply. That is about $0.27 for a full pot, which yields about 40-45oz.

About 30 calories for the creamer, none for the coffee itself. 900-1800 calories per month (depending on one cup or two)

Compared to the $1.50 per can ($2.50 for red bull) plus the $0.10 bottle deposit, since I don’t turn the bottles back in while at work. (I still recycle, don’t worry).

A full month’s worth of daily Rockstar (plus bottle deposit) is $48!!! 3900-5850 calories from the monthly intake of Rockstar, because about half of the time I had more than one in a day.

930-1395 g of sugar.

Just cutting this one thing out of my diet will be a massive change to my overall health, and avoiding the drink for this long helps reinforce the idea that I don’t need it to get through a hefty work load. Trust me, I’ve had some taxing work days this week…

As for the results on my body… you’ll have to wait for my progress report this week!!!

How did you do?

I have changed this now to the thirty day no junk food challenge. I feel like if I can make it that long, then I’ve got this in the bag!!!

Thanks guys for being with me through my journey. If you haven’t already, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. That way, you’ll never miss an update!!




Here is last week’s progress report here.



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