Week 4 Progress Report and Log (June 12 – June 18)

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Alright, so my week 4 progress isn’t as great as I’d like, but I’m going to share the good weeks and the bad! Here it goes:

Weight: 302.4 lbs. (+2.4 lbs.)

Waist: 54″ (No change)

This is week three and week four compared. I don’t see much of a change, but it looks like I’m in almost the exact same pose. I think that’s pretty cool.

It wasn’t the best week in the world. A friend was moving away, so we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. I have only been there once so I wasn’t even sure how big the portions were for happy hour food. Needless to say, there were no leftovers. Not happy about it, but I did avoid the sugary drinks! We also had pizza for father’s day dinner, and I had maybe one or two too many slices.

I am happy that I kept with water instead of soda on both occasions, though.

Just the little changes, right? If I’m going to have a ‘cheat’ meal, might as well mitigate the calories a bit by sticking to water.

It was not going to be an easy task beating week three Fitbit stats, so you’ll see a lot of red today:

06-20-17 Fitbit Data

I am proud to say that my average sleep is up, at least. I don’t think we think about sleep as much as we should.

With school out, there is less incentive for me to leave the house. While this would make it difficult for me to reach my goals on days off, I am also able to hit the gym more, go for hikes more, and just do more recreational activities.

I am happy to live in a college town, since the population is drastically reduced during the summer. Hooray!

I’m excited to share with you next week, because I’ve done quite a lot in the last couple of days. I’ve been talking with my buddy Elijah, and we have some big plans.

Thanks for sticking with me, guys.

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See last week’s progress report here.



  1. Hi Jacob!

    Thanks for sharing your progress! It is exciting that you have reached week 4. One thing that I am learning is that those little changes go a big way like how you drank water rather than soda. Keep doing what you’re doing you are on a great track and your effort and consistency is going to pay off!

    I also really appreciate your honesty. I personally know how hard it can be to post pictures and progress when I didn’t get great results or when I am not happy with where I’m at. I think it is good to post progress (good or bad anyways) because it serves as motivation and it is so nice to look back on as you move towards your goals!

    You are definitely an inspiration!!!

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  2. Well done with the water! Boo on the excesses with portion sizes!

    Keep in mind that there are always going to be more curved balls, and good excuses to “justify” excesses, but the choice to partake is purely your own. It is possible to go out, have a meal and a good time, and still be mindful of the calories and nutritional value (or otherwise) or the things you put in your mouth.

    Just because something tastes great (because it is loaded with fat and/or salt and/or sugar), and there’s a huge bowl or plate of it sitting in front of you, it does not mean that you need to eat and eat and eat. By all means savour the flavour, but do it in moderation…..

    Make the conscious determination at the start of any meal that is served to you about what the correct portion size is, and stop eating after that! Do it for your health’s sake!

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