Week 6 Progress Report (July 10-16)

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Been a couple weeks since I’ve posted, but I haven’t gone anywhere. I’m still working on improving myself, and my progress reports are back!


Weight: 297.6 lbs. (-0.4 lbs.)

Waist: 53.5″ (+0)

Since I don’t see that much of a change (And because I forgot), I really don’t have a progress photo to show you, instead, I am going to share a few of the meals that I’ve eaten this week:

Some of these photos have already been shared on Instagram, but I’m going to use some different angles to give a more diverse story to those who follow me on both!

On the left is a spinach wrap that I have been making all week, with cucumbers, green bell peppers, kale greens, turkey and Colby Jack. The image on the right is the meal prep that I did yesterday, including teriyaki chicken, stir fry veggies, and fried brown rice with peas and scrambled egg. I made 13 servings of this, to take with me for lunches and easy dinners during my busy days!


I don’t have a Fitbit stat page either, since I accidently deleted it, and I went somewhere for 3 days and forgot to bring my charger (oops). Next week I should have it back up and running back to normal.

Actually, do you guys even like the Fitbit stats? Do they do anything for you?

I’m interested in the feedback.

Thanks for being part of my transformation!

If you haven’t already, please follow me on Facebook and Twitter. That way, you’ll never miss an update!!

I’ve been focusing much more on my Instagram because I feel health and fitness are best portrayed there. Photos are important!



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  1. Not really the surprise that I was expecting from your previous comment of “I have a surprise for next week’s Fitbit stats, but for now, here is last week”….. Also confused by the commentary about no photos here, but using Instagram because it caters for photos?

    What’s happening Jacob?


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