Small Steps: Replacing Soda

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For some reason, the taste of soda is just something that people can’t resist: the sweet and bubbly taste of a cold soft drink with dinner, or while working at your desk.. hard to resist for many of us!

Cutting back odownloadn soda is a difficult task, and some of the alternatives, such as sports drinks, juices, or flavored teas are not any better! The amount of sugar in most of the drinks at the store are not that great, and we have all heard the horror stories about the dreaded diet soda.


I have found an alternative, though. I have recently delved into the wonderful world of seltzer waters, like La Croix. At first, these subtly flavored beverages aren’t the best tasting, but after a brief adjustment, I prefer to grab one of these instead of a Coca-Cola. These drinks have no sugar, no artificial sweeteners, and still gives you that tickling sensation when you drink it.

So instead of picking up that brown, fizzy sugar concoction, why not grab a seltzer water, and even flavor it up yourself with some fresh citrus or berries? lime-907124_960_720

These products aren’t perfect, as carbonated beverages always have detrimental affects on dental health, but if you’re already drinking soda, this is an absolutely better alternative!




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