4 Simple Steps to Reduce and Prevent Obesity – Nationally Recognized Program??

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So I finally did it. For the first time since moving out of my parent’s house, I made my own appointment to see a doctor for a health screening. After more than five years, this was long overdue!

One of the biggest topics we ended up discussing was back alignment (to combat my back pain) and having a more active and healthy lifestyle. Of course, things you read on the internet are one thing, but hearing some of this information from an actual M.D. can be empowering!
This is where I learned about the 5210 program, which is a Nationally Recognized obesity prevention program. It was originally built for children to ensure our new generation doesn’t end up being as unhealthy as a lot of us are! Anyway, the idea in this program is directly applicable to adults too, so check it out:



I don’t think this is as difficult as we might think. Loading up on colorful fruits and veggies, instead of the processed garbage we tend to eat should be a simple task. Frozen and canned (no salt added) veggies are a great way to build the plate without the anxiety of fresh good going bad.
As far as getting rid of sugary drinks, this can really be an issue for some people, and will take some getting used to. I have one idea here than can help with that one here:

Tip to replace soda and sugary drinks
My doctor made an emphasis on doing something fun for the daily activity. Something that doesn’t seem too much like work. My wife and I walked around the mall for an hour. We had a blast and I got all 10,000 steps from that. Personally, going to the gym and lifting weights feels good to me. I just need to get back in there and kill it!
If you want more information, check out the site that explains the 5210 program here:

5210 Information
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