Personal Thoughts: Obesity and Back Pain

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Since I fell off the wagon after getting married, my chronic back pain has returned. I was at the point where I was able to work a full 8 hours and still be able to go to the gym, but now, I am back to the point where, after working, there’s no way I can do much other than sit down and recover.

The Issue:



It is a difficult process, getting to the point where my back doesn’t hurt much after work, but I had so much more energy and motivation when I was able to do more in a day. It is an exponential affect, with a very slow start.


The Plan:



One of the biggest factors I can focus on right now is my diet. I have committed to the 5210 Rule for the third day now. yesterday felt pretty good, and I’m excited to continue this trend as much as I can, until I’m able to consistently go to the gym without that dreaded back pain!

Giving up is not an option. I have felt the strength gains from last time, and my back was hurting way less.

How about you? Have you experienced any sort of setbacks that hinder you from reaching your goal?

Let me know, and we can work through our issues, physical and otherwise, together!




  1. Hi Jacob!
    Congratulations on your marriage! I am sorry that you are experiencing back pain that is the worst. I like to soak in epsom salt and sometimes that helps. Also foam rolling gently can provide some relief.
    I am currently dealing with a setback myself. After working out and feeling great for over 50 days in a row, I started school and didn’t work out that week. Then I got slammed by a terrible sickness that won’t go away. I have missed over a week of class and am worried that I won’t be able to catch up in time.
    I will do my best and I am cheering you on too. Start small then gradually build from there.


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