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Hey guys! At the time of writing, it is.. 11:43pm on Thursday night, so as long as I get this done in 17 minutes, I haven’t failed my promise to upload a progress report every Thursday! Anywho…

10-12-17 Fitbit Data

Here’s my data for the week! There hasn’t been a huge change. I gained a little bit of weight, which I think is a minor fluctuation. Walked way more than the previous week, which I am proud of. That’s the benefit of being back in school!

This week has been all about dealing with the issues of getting back into health mode. Currently I am dealing with a lot of back pain, which is more than usual. If you’d like, you can read more about my thoughts on back pain here. At the moment I am relying heavily on changing my diet back to something I can be proud of, rather than my physical activity. At the moment, my physical activity is just walking.

I have not been back to the gym since I started up again. I’m still working on that. I like to blame my chronic pain, but I’m sure I could do something there..

I finally did the adult thing and I went to see my doctor!! This was about five years overdue, so I did end up learning a lot from my trip. One of the things I learned about was the 5210 plan, which I have talked a lot about lately. In fact, I even dedicated a post about it here:

4 Simple Steps to Reduce and Prevent Obesity – Nationally Recognized Program??

Finally, a bit of thoughts about motivation.. I got a subtle hint from my wife the other day that she would love to see some abs on me. Might not seem like much on the surface, but I told her that I would. I can’t disappoint her, can I?

Thank you all for reading. It is now… 11:52pm, and I feel great about this post (even though I had notes to work from)!




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